Christ Church women join forces in new initiative

SCR Women at High TableA high table dinner was recently held at Christ Church for women members of the SCR, including women academics at every stage of their careers, from JRFs, Postdoctoral Research Fellows and affiliated senior researchers, to lecturers, Official Students and Canons. The initiative was started by Dr Leah Morabito, Millard and Lee Alexander Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Astrophysics at Christ Church.

Dr Leah Morabito, who came up with the initiative, said, ‘As Christ Church’s female academics are scattered throughout the college and various departments, it can be difficult to meet all of them. That is why I decided to invite all of the women in the SCR to sign in for dinner on the same night, to give us a chance to meet each other. It is important to remember that even in male dominated career fields like Physics and Theology, we still have amazing and successful women colleagues at Christ Church. Our secondary goal was to dominate the high table for an evening to set an example for the younger students.

‘Overall, the dinner was really successful, with 18 women in attendance! We made up approximately half of the high table guests that night. The overall feedback from the women in the SCR was hugely positive – both before the event (I was overwhelmed with emails!) and during. Everyone who came had an excellent time, and personally I can say that it was lovely to meet so many wonderful colleagues who just happen to be women!

‘Since then, we’ve had a small catch-up with Professor Geraldine Johnson, who is the current Junior Censor, and a few other women representative of the variety of women at Christ Church, including official students, canons, early career fellows, JRFs, and lecturers. We discussed several ideas to help promote women at Christ Church and help them network with each other. And first and foremost, we have decided we want to continue the tradition of sitting down for a meal together every term! We plan on having both a dinner and a lunch every term, with dates to be announced well in advance.’

Professor Johnson commented, ‘the event was a great success, and we are now looking to meet more regularly to harness the power of the women of the House, as well as provide mentoring and more informal support and advice’.

We’re delighted to see this new initiative taking off at Christ Church, and are looking forward to seeing what this group of brilliant Christ Church women goes on to achieve.

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