Dr Becky Smethurst recognised by Royal Astronomical Society

Dr Becky SmethurstDr Becky Smethurst has been awarded the Royal Astronomical Society’s 2022 Winton Award for Astronomy, in recognition of her work on supermassive black holes.

Dr Smethurst, Junior Research Fellow in Astrophysics at Christ Church, was commended for her major advances in the field of galaxy formation and evolution, in the award given “for research by a post-doctoral fellow in Astronomy whose career has shown the most promising development”

The key discovery made by Dr Smethurst overturns the long-established view that galaxy mergers are the main process in driving galaxy evolution along with the formation and evolution of supermassive black holes.

More information about Dr Smethurst’s research and the Winton Award can be found here:

Dr Becky Smethurst recognised by RAS | University of Oxford Department of Physics