Dr Carissa Véliz lead author on paper in 'Nature Energy'

Dr Carissa VelizDr Carissa Véliz, a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Christ Church, is the lead author on a paper in Nature Energy entitled, ‘Protecting data privacy is key to a smart energy future’. Nature Energy is a monthly journal publishing the best research on energy, from its generation and distribution to the impacts energy technologies and policies have on societies.

In the article, Dr Véliz discusses the data privacy issues resulting from the use of smart meters: ‘The ability to collect fine-grained energy data from smart meters has benefits for utilities and consumers. However, a proactive approach to data privacy is necessary to maximise the potential of these data to support low-carbon energy systems and innovative business models’.

Dr Véliz states, ‘Energy service providers may find themselves at a crucial junction. They are collecting more data than ever from which sensitive information can be inferred, at a time when the public is getting increasingly concerned about their privacy and the overreach of technology in their lives. In order to avoid a scandal and earn customers’ trust, energy service providers would do well in becoming trustworthy by doing everything in their power to minimise the collection of data, give users options and control, and protect people’s privacy. Future smart business models that rely on trust may depend on it’.

Dr Carissa Véliz joined Christ Church as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in 2017, after gaining a DPhil in Philosophy from Christ Church. Prior to this, she had gained a BA in Philosophy at the Universidad de Salamanca, and had earned an MA in Philosophy from the City University of New York Graduate Center. Her research interests include political philosophy, practical ethics, and digital ethics, especially privacy.

You can read the article on the Nature Energy website