Dr Timothy Littlewood appointed interim Director of Clinical Studies, and Vice-President of the Royal College of Pathologists

Dr Timothy Littlewood, Lecturer in Medicine at Christ Church, has been appointed as interim Director of Clinical Studies in the University of Oxford Medical School, and has also been elected as Vice-President of the Royal College of Pathologists.

Dr Littlewood is a haematology consultant with a particular interest in leukaemia and bone marrow transplantation, and additional interests in teaching and clinical research, and is currently a Lecturer in Medicine at Christ Church, where he teaches postgraduate students. He is a clinical haematologist at the Oxford Radcliffe NHS Trust (the John Radcliffe Hospital), and was previously Deputy Director of Clinical Studies in the University’s Medical School. As interim Director of Clinical Studies, Dr Littlewood will be responsible for operational leadership of the Oxford clinical medicine course, as well as having responsibility for curriculum, assessment, quality management, faculty development, and student affairs.

In addition to taking on this role in the Medical School, from 16 November 2017 Dr Littlewood will also commence a three-year term of office as Vice-President for Professionalism of the Royal College of Pathologists. The College is concerned with all matters relating to the science and practice of pathology, and is a body of Fellows, Affiliates and trainees, as well as being a charity with over 11,000 members across the world, the majority of whom are doctors and scientists working in hospitals and universities in the UK. It oversees the training of pathologists and scientists working in 19 different specialties, and together they are involved in over 70% of all diagnoses, as well as playing an important role in disease prevention, treatment and monitoring. The College is governed by a Trustee Board comprising the President, three Vice-Presidents, Registrar, Assistant Registrar, Treasurer, and the chairs of the regional councils for Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland.

As Vice President for Professionalism, Dr Littlewood's work will encompass three departments: Workforce, Clinical Effectiveness, and Professional Standards. The Workforce Department ‘aims to maintain standards in pathology by reviewing and approving consultant-level job descriptions and monitoring appointments to ensure pathologists are supported in their new employment’, whilst the Clinical Effectiveness Department ‘defines and measures the standards of pathology practice and aims to improve and maintain these standards’. The Professional Standards Departments ‘aims to ensure that agreed standards are maintained, developed and delivered across pathology services for the benefit of patients and the public’.

Congratulations to Dr Littlewood for his appointment to these prestigious positions!