Peter Parsons wins Kenyon Medal 2019

Peter ParsonsPeter Parsons, who was Regius Professor of Greek at Christ Church from 1989 to 2003, has been awarded the Kenyon Medal for Classical Studies by the British Academy, in recognition of a lifetime's work on Greek literature and especially on papyrology, the study of the fragments of texts and documents preserved on fragile and often tattered papyrus sheets; these have mostly been recovered from the sands of Egypt, where climate favours their preservation for centuries. 

Fragments of Simonides edited by Peter Parsons in 1992, POxy. 3965

The Kenyon Medal is normally awarded every two years. Peter Parsons is the first Student of Christ Church to have been awarded the Medal since E.R. Dodds (a previous Regius Professor) in 1971.

The award will be widely recognised as a worthy recognition of the work of an outstanding and indefatigable scholar, who continues to be active well into retirement (he is now 83, and gave a seminar on Callimachus to a fascinated audience earlier this term). It will also give immense pleasure to his many colleagues and friends.


Fragments of Simonides edited by Peter Parsons in 1992, POxy. 3965. Photograph courtesy of the Egypt Exploration Society and the University of Oxford Imaging Papyri Project. (click for larger version)