Professor Gregory Hutchinson elected a Fellow of the British Academy

Professor Gregory HutchinsonGregory Hutchinson, Regius Professor of Greek at the University of Oxford and a member of Christ Church, has been elected a Fellow of the British Academy. The British Academy elects Fellows ‘in recognition of their outstanding contributions’ to the social sciences, humanities and the arts.

cover of Motion in Classical Literature by Professor Gregory HutchinsonProfessor Hutchinson has published ten monographs. These cover a range from archaic Greek epic and lyric poetry to Greek and Latin prose of the Roman Empire. Some are commentaries on particular texts, others explore wider aspects of literature. The three most recent are Greek to Latin (2013), Plutarch’s Rhythmic Prose (2018), Motion in Classical Literature (2020). Greek to Latin sees the impact of Greek literature on Latin literature within various contexts, conceptual and physical (the Italian villas and Greek cities where Romans experienced Greek literature). Plutarch’s Rhythmic Prose establishes through statistical methods which Greek imperial prose-writers follow a specific rhythmic system; it shows how rhythmic analysis leads to a different way of reading the prose of Plutarch’s Lives. Motion in Classical Literature looks at what classical literature and art do with physical movement, by humans, gods, ships, horses. Recent articles include the use of a new inscription to throw light on why Augustus exiled Ovid, and the reconstruction of a new papyrus to offer the first appearance of the party-loving poet Anacreon on the Athenian stage.

The British Academy is a Fellowship of over 1400 of the leading minds in humanities and social sciences from the UK and overseas. Current Fellows include the classicist Professor Dame Mary Beard, the historian Professor Sir Simon Schama and philosopher Professor Baroness Onora O’Neill, while previous Fellows include Dame Frances Yates, Sir Winston Churchill, Seamus Heaney and Beatrice Webb. The Academy is also a funding body for research, nationally and internationally, and a forum for debate and engagement.