Trinity Christ Church Time Event

Wednesday 3 May saw the latest in our series of Christ Church Time events, on this occasion a talk given by Dr Ros Holmes, Junior Research Fellow at Christ Church.

The talk, entitled 'Celebrating 'The Chinternet': Internet Art Practices in China', examined a series of internet artworks by the artist Miao Ying (b. 1985). Contextualizing her digital collages in relation to China’s online culture and media spheres, Dr Holmes examined their distinctly self-conscious celebration of what has often disparagingly been labelled ‘The Chinternet’. Interrogating the assumption that internet art emerging from China can only belatedly repeat works of Euro-American precedent, Dr Holmes argued that Miao’s work presents a dramatic reframing of online censorship, consumerism and the unique aspects of vernacular culture that have emerged within China’s online realm.

Dr Ros Holmes is a Junior Research Fellow in art history. Her current research project, entitled ‘The Mediated Image’, focuses on China’s online culture and the defining role that image making is coming to assume within this sphere. She holds an undergraduate degree in Chinese studies and art history from SOAS, and an M. St and doctorate in history of art from the University of Oxford. Prior to commencing graduate studies, she worked in Beijing as the programme manager of a contemporary art space and as the assistant curator for education at the Ullens Centre for Contemporary Art (UCCA).

Launched at the start of this academic year, Christ Church Time is a series of termly talks, seminars and concerts open to all members of Christ Church. The events provide an opportunity for members of the college to come together to find out more about subjects that they may know little about, as well as giving research staff a platform for discussing their work in more detail and presenting their research, and allowing students in other disciplines to give performances.

In Michaelmas, Professor Sarah Rowland-Jones, Honorary Consultant in Infectious Diseases, Vice-President of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, and Research Student (Senior Research Fellow) at Christ Church, gave a talk entitled ‘Understanding protective immunity to HIV infection – will we ever achieve an effective HIV vaccine?’. The Hilary event took the form of a concert held in the Picture Gallery, in which the Christ Church Wind Quintet, including four Christ Church students, played works for Oboe, Bassoon, Clarinet, French Horn and Flute by Taffanel and Walton.