Sacred 2020

The Cathedral is hosting a new evening service: SACRED – Safe, Inclusive, Evangelical. Sacred will meet once a month, beginning on 23 February; it aims to provide a safe worship space, evangelical in style, and inclusive of those who are LGBTQI+. The aim for this service is to provide a spiritual home, hope and healing, for those who look for vibrant and inclusive worship and spirituality. All are welcome; and please do pray for this new initiative and for those involved.

For those who are unable to attend, or who would like the opportunity to listen again, a recording of the sermons will be posted below.


YouTube Icon 22 November 2020 Sermon given by Revd Marcus Green

YouTube Icon 25 October 2020 Sermon given by Revd Alex Huzzey

YouTube Icon 20 September 2020 Sermon given by Jayne Ozanne

Soundcloud icon 19 July 2020 Sermon given by Bishop Colin Fletcher

Soundcloud icon 28 June 2020 Sermon given by Rajiv Sidhu

Soundcloud icon 24 May 2020 Sermon given by Revd Wendy Wale

Soundcloud icon 26 April 2020 Sermon given by Revd Marcus Green

Soundcloud icon 22 March 2020 Sermon given by Revd Ross Meikle

Soundcloud icon 23 February 2020 Sermon given by Jayne Ozanne