BSc Physics (UIA, Summa Cum Laude), MSc Mathematical and Theoretical Physics (Oxon, Distinction), DPhil in Mathematics (Oxon, ongoing)

Academic background

I am a soon-to-be Doctor in Mathematics focusing in Mathematical Physics. I studied Physics in Mexico City (UIA) before beginning my conversion to Mathematics by reading for an MSc in Mathematical and Theoretical Physics in Merton College. My DPhil, for which I switched to St John's College, focuses on algebraic aspects of superconformal quantum field theories. More specifically, I study the algebraic-geometric relationship between chiral rings and moduli spaces of vacua of these theories, all under the supervision of Prof Christopher Beem.

Undergraduate teaching

I have taught various physics, mathematics, and mathematical physics courses, both at undergraduate and graduate level, including Geometry, Dynamics, Constructive Mathematics, Fourier Series and PDEs, Analysis I, II, and III, Metric Spaces and Complex Analysis, Integration, Topology, Graph Theory, Number Theory, General Relativity, Conformal Field Theory, and String Theory I and II.

Research interests

My research focuses in derived algebraic geometry in the context of algebraic quantum field theory. I like to obsess over Hall-Littlewood chiral rings, which are algebraic structures that arise from string theory and that encode rich geometric data associated to the parent theory.

Featured publications

'Integral presentations of quantum Heisenberg algebras' (2017), Contemporary Mathematics, 683, pp. 247–60 [https://arxiv.org/abs/1509.02211].

Other interests and activities

History, architecture, etymology, cooking, sleeping in