Autumn 2018

Just as we see in nature the leaves turning and the summer flowers dying, so this Autumn season of sermons brings us to the close of the Church year. The final weeks of Ordinary Time bring us All Saints' and All Souls' before reaching the final few weeks before Advent, and the launch of the next cycle of seasons. See our What's On guide for details about upcoming events during this period.

Please click on any of the dates or names below to read sermons preached during the period of Autumn 2018.


16 September 2018 - Choral Eucharist - The Succentor

What does God call each of us to - and what will it cost? As the Cathedral commissions our new Organist, Cathedral Operations Manager, and Lay Clerk the Succentor challenges us all to remember that the call of God extends to everyone.

16 September 2018 - Choral Matins - The Sub Dean

'There is a serpent by the wayside watching those who pass by: beware lest he bite you with unbelief.' The Sub Dean reflects on the ancient serpent of Revelation 12, reminding us that Christ holds all the true power.


9 September 2018 - Choral Eucharist - The Archdeacon

Bring faith and action together. The Archdeacon challenges us to do away with favouritism, remembering that the poor in the world may also be rich in faith.

9 September 2018 - On Leaving 'Vengeance' to God - Said Matins with Hymns - Canon Biggar

It’s often said that the Old Testament is all about vengeance and retribution, and the New Testament all about compassion and forgiveness. This is an oversimplification, says Canon Biggar. But how should Christians respond to appalling acts of evil?


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