Dr Alvina Lai

Biological Sciences
Lecturer in Biological Sciences


PhD Plant Molecular Biology (Massey University, New Zealand).

Academic Background

Research Fellow in Zoology

Undergraduate Teaching

Tutorials for Cells and Genes (Merton College, 2017) and Medical Genetics (Keble College, 2016).

Research Interests



Lai AG, Kosaka N, Abnave P, Sahu S, Aboobaker AA. The abrogation of condensin function provides independent evidence for defining the self-renewing population of pluripotent stem cells. Dev Biol. 2017. DOI

Lai AG, Aboobaker AA. Comparative genomic analysis of innate immunity reveals novel and conserved components in crustacean food crop species. BMC Genomics. 2017. 18;18(1):389. DOI

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Mihaylova Y, Kao D Hughes S, Lai A, Jaber-Hijazi F, Kosaka N, Abnave P, Aboobaker AA. MLL3/4 Prevents Stem Cell Hyperplasia And Controls Differentiation Programs In A Planarian Cancer Stem Cell Model. bioRxiv 2017. 126540; DOI 

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