Dr Anna Plassart

Junior Research Fellow


MPhil (Cantab), PhD

Academic Background

2007-11 PhD, Trinity College, Cambridge (History)
2006-7 MPhil, Trinity College, Cambridge (Political Thought and Intellectual History)
2003-2006 Ecole Normale Supérieure (Ulm)

Research Interests

The history of political thought in Britain and France, 18th and 19th centuries.

Publications include:

‘Scottish perspectives on war and patriotism in the 1790s’, The Historical Journal (2014)

‘''Whig historians"? Scottish historians on the French Revolution’, Journal of the History of Ideas (January 2013, 74:1)

‘A Scottish Jacobin: John Oswald on commerce and citizenship’, Journal of the History of Ideas (April 2010, 71:2)

‘An “impérialiste liberal”? J.B. Say on colonies and the extra-European world’, French Historical Studies (Spring 2009, 32:2)

‘James Mill’s treatment of religion and the “History of British India”’, History of European Ideas (December 2008, 34:4)