Dr Cristina Neagu

Cristina Neagu
01865 276265
Keeper of Special Collections

I manage Christ Church Library Special Collections, and am responsible for strategic planning and leadership in the development of services related to the research collections to support 21st century users, in both traditional and digital media.

I am currently coordinating the following Special Collections-related projects: the Western Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts Catalogue; the online early printed books in Roman scripts; the online Hebrew manuscripts and early printed books and work for the online catalogue of the Lewis Carroll collection. I am also in charge of the project to produce high-resolution digital copies of manuscripts in the core collections, including: digitization of the Hebrew manuscripts; digitization of Western manuscripts; digitization of Tudor and Italian Baroque music. I organize and coordinate events (often in collaboration with other institutions and private collectors) including: curating exhibitions in the Upper Library; organizing talks, concerts, classes, workshops, study days and conferences. I manage the library imaging services and on-line resources and create metadata for digitized manuscripts. I produce publications including the library journal (Christ Church Library Newsletter); edit exhibition catalogues and monographs published by the library; design and edit many of the library ephemera (posters, leaflets and brochures). I am involved in collection management, user education and public relations.

B.A. (Bucharest), MSc (Birmingham), D.Phil (Oxford)

Academic Background
I specialise in the literature and arts of the Renaissance. The fields in which most of my work has been conducted include Neo-Latin literature, rhetoric, art history and history of the book. Among my research interests are Central and East European humanism, illuminated manuscripts and Albrecht Dürer as theoretician and reformer of the image.

Publications include
Servant of the Renaissance: The Poetry and Prose of Nicolaus Olahus (Peter Lang, 2003).
‘The Power of the Book and the Kingdom of Hungary during the Fifteenth Century’ in Humanism in Fifteenth-Century Europe (Medium Aevum, 2012).
‘Fabulous Beings in Manuscripts and Early Printed Books’ in Other Worlds and Imaginary Beings: From Medieval Illumination to 19th-Century Drawings (Christ Church, Oxford, 2014).
'The Lesser Durer:Text and Image in Early Modern Broadsheets' in The Perils of Print Culture: Theory and Practice in Book, Print and Publishing History (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014).
'East- Central Europe' in The Oxford Handbook of Neo Latin Studies (Oxford University Press, 2015).
Together with Diana Rodríguez-Pérez and Thomas Mannack, I edited Beazley and Christ Church. 250 Years of Scholarship on Greek Vases (Christ Church, Oxford, 2016).
Winckelmann and Curiosity in the 18th-century Gentleman's Library (Christ Church, Oxford, 2018), which I edited together with Katherine Harloe and Amy C. Smith.
"Nicolaus Olahus and the Processus sub forma Missae: Identity, Authorship, and an Obscure Work on the Art of Alchemy ", in Nicolaus Olahus 450: Tagungsband der internationalen Konferenz zum 450. Todestag von Nicolaus Olahus, ed. by Emöke Rita Szilágyi (Vienna: Institut für Ungarische Geschichtsforschung, 2019).