Dr John Lowe

Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics
Leverhulme Early Career Research Fellow in Linguistics


M.A., M.Phil., D.Phil

Academic Background

2001-2005: M.A. in Oriental Studies (Classics with Sanskrit), St Hugh's College, Oxford.
2007-2009: M.Phil. in General Linguistics and Comparative Philology, Wolfson College, Oxford.
2009-2012: D.Phil. in General Linguistics and Comparative Philology, Wolfson College, Oxford.

Undergraduate Teaching

I give lectures, classes and tutorials for Prelims linguistics; I give tutorials for FHS Linguistics, and have previously given tutorials in Language for FHS Human Sciences. I teach language classes on Old Avestan and Ancient Greek grammar, and have given tutorials in Classical Philology for FHS Lit. Hum.

Research Interests

I am working on syntactic variation in the conversational language of Sanskrit drama. I have recently completed my D.Phil. on the syntax and semantics of participles in Ṛgvedic Sanskrit; I am also working more widely on syntax within the framework of Lexical Functional Grammar.

My research interests include: Sanskrit language and linguistics, Syntactic theory (primarily Lexical Functional Grammar), the syntax-phonology interface, formal semantics, Indo-Iranian comparative and historical linguistics (Sanskrit, Prakrit, Avestan, Old Persian), Greek and Latin historical linguistics, Indo-European comparative philology, Ancient Indian grammatical tradition, Germanic comparative and historical linguistics (especially Gothic, Old Norse).

Publications include:

(2013), 'Indo-European Caland Adjectives in *-nt- and Participles in Sanskrit', to appear in Historische Sprachforschung 126.
(2012),'Caland Adjectives and Participles in the Ṛgveda: the case of -āna-', in Stephanie W. Jamison, H. Craig Melchert and Brent Vine (eds.), Proceedings of the 23rd Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference, Bremen: Hempen.
(2011), 'Negated Participles in Rgvedic Sanskrit and Proto-Indo-European', Indo-Iranian Journal 54(1), pp. 19–38.
(2011), 'Rgvedic clitics and 'Prosodic Movement'', in Miriam Butt and Tracy Holloway King (eds.), Proceedings of the LFG11 Conference, Stanford, Ca.: CSLI Publications, pp. 360–380.


Reading (especially Karl Barth, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Wodehouse); football; running; collecting coins; and, if I ever have the time, playing guitar.