Dr Leah Broad

Lecturer in Music


BA (Hons) Music, First class, University of Oxford
MSt Musicology, Distinction, University of Oxford
DPhil in Musicology (current).

Academic Background

I have just completed a thesis in theatre music at Christ Church, where I have been a lecturer since 2016. Research communication forms a large part of my work - I am a BBC/AHRC New Generation Thinker, and I won the Observer/Anthony Burgess Prize for Arts Journalism for an article on Sibelius, one of the composers whose music I research. I’m also the founder and editor of The Oxford Culture Review, a website dedicated to arts and humanities research.

Undergraduate Teaching

Music history after 1750, music analysis, and music in Scandinavia.

Research Interests

I study theatre music of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, particularly in Scandinavia and the UK. I am especially interested in the roles that music and sound played in productions, and the way this impacts on how plays were interpreted.

Publications include:

‘“I’ll charm the air to give a sound”: Shakespeare on the Scandinavian stage’, The Oxford Handbook to Shakespeare and Music (Oxford University Press, forthcoming)

‘“Therefore speak as little as possible”: Communication in Strindberg’s Till Damaskus (III)’, Music and the Nordic Breakthrough (Boydell & Brewer, forthcoming)

‘BBC Proms 2015: Gary Carpenter, Anders Hillborg, Ørjan Matre, Alissa Firsova, B Tommy Andersson’, TEMPO, Vol. 70/275, January 2016, pp. 84-5

‘“This music crept by me”: Sibelius’s Incidental Music’, Sibelius One, June 2015

‘Harrison Birtwistle Responses: Sweet disorder and the carefully careless for piano and orchestra, Royal Festival Hall, London’, TEMPO, Vol. 69/272, April 2015, pp. 61-2

‘Aesthetic table-talk’, IRIS II (Oxford: Hurst Street Press, 2016)


Painting, running, and the Great British Bake Off.