Dr Marcus Colla

Lecturer in Modern European History


BA (Hons), Dip. Lang. (University of Tasmania), MPhil, PhD (Cantab.)

Academic Background

After undertaking my undergraduate studies at the University of Tasmania, I completed an MPhil and PhD at the University of Cambridge. I began my position as Departmental Lecturer in Modern European History at Christ Church in 2019.

Undergraduate teaching

I teach the Special Subject ‘Revolutions of 1989’; the Final Honours School papers Europe Divided, 1914-1989 and The Global Twentieth Century, 1930-2003; the Prelim paper Society, Nation and Empire 1815-1914; and Disciplines of History.

Research Interests

My research to date has been concerned with the management of the past in the German Democratic Republic (the GDR). I have researched historic architecture, academic historians, popular culture and historical memory in the GDR, and am now beginning to further the scope of my work so as to include post-war Eastern Europe more broadly.  


‘Memory, Heritage and the Demolition of the Potsdam Garnisonkirche, 1968’, German History (forthcoming 2020)

‘The Politics of Time and State Identity in the German Democratic Republic’, Transactions of the Royal Historical Society (forthcoming 2019)

‘Constructing the Prussia-Myth in East Germany, 1945-61’, Journal of Contemporary History 54, 3 (2019), pp. 527-550

‘Prussian Palimpsests: Historic Architecture and Urban Spaces in East Germany, 1945-1961’, Central European History 50, 2 (2017), pp. 184-217.