Dr Nikola R. Hajdin

Stockholm Fellow


2021 PhD (Stockholm); 2015 LLM (Lund); 2012 LLM (Belgrade); 2010 LLB (Belgrade)

Academic Background

Dr Nikola R. Hajdin is a Fellow with the Faculty of Law and Christ Church, Oxford University. He holds a PhD degree from Stockholm University, an LLM from Lund University, and LLM and LLB degrees from the University of Belgrade. In his doctoral thesis, published by Stockholm University in 2021, Dr Hajdin developed a theory of criminal responsibility of civil society leaders (industrialists, editors-in-chief of influential media, public intellectuals, etc.) for contributing to a war of aggression.

Between 2019 and 2020, Dr Hajdin was a visiting researcher/fellow at Harvard Law School and the Faculty of Law, Cambridge University. Prior coming to academia, he practiced law for five years in Serbia, Sweden, the Netherlands and France. In 2016, he clerked to judge Helena Jäderblom at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. In 2015 and 2016, he worked for the Office of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court where he co-drafted the Policy on Children. In 2016, he also worked as a Case Reporter for the Oxford Reports on International Law. In 2015, he was a research assistant to Professor John Cerone at the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights.

Since 2014, he has published peer-reviewed academic articles in leading international law journals, book chapters, case notes for the Oxford University Press, and a few blogs, all related to the issues of international law. His work has been published in, amongst others, the American Journal of International Law and the Leiden Journal of International Law.

Undergraduate Teaching

Public international law

Research Interests

Dr Hajdin's interests lie in international criminal justice, criminal law and procedure, public international law, the law of state responsibility, international humanitarian law, and transnational justice. He has a long-standing interest in developing theories about responsibility.

Selected Publications

Attributing Criminal Responsibility for the Crime of Aggression, Georgia Journal of International and Comparative Law, (forthcoming in 2023)

Responsibility of Private Individuals for Complicity in a War of Aggression, 116 American Journal of International Law 788, (2022)

The Actus Reus of the Crime of Aggression, 34 Leiden Journal of International Law 489, (2021) 

Leadership Nature of the Crime of Aggression: The ICC’s New Concern?, 17 International Criminal Law Review 543 (2017)