Dr Sophie Archer

Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics
Stipendiary Lecturer in Philosophy


Ph.D., Philosophy, UCL, MPhil. Stud., Philosophy, UCL, M.A. (Hons.), Philosophy, The University of Edinburgh

Academic Background

Ph.D., Philosophy, UCL, 2009-2013

MPhil. Stud., Philosophy, UCL, 2007-2009

M.A. (Hons.), Philosophy, The University of Edinburgh, 2003-2007

Undergraduate Teaching

Early Modern Philosophy (in particular Descartes and Hume), Epistemology, Feminist Philosophy, Logic, Metaphysics, Moral Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Psychology, Philosophy of Religion

Research Interests

My primary research interests are in epistemology, philosophy of mind, and the philosophy of psychology.

I have worked on the problem of self-deception, in particular, on trying to understand what the self-deceived person believes. This work prompted an interest in the question as to what it is to believe something more generally. I have been thinking about this for a number of years now and am currently collecting my thoughts (some of which have already been published or are under review in article form) into a book manuscript, Belief.

I also have an edited collection forthcoming with Routledge on the topic of salience. Salience is central to human life, yet is relatively underexplored as a philosophical topic. In my collection, I draw together a number of contributions from across a wide philosophical spectrum – including epistemology, philosophy of perception, philosophy of language, philosophy of psychology, practical reason, feminist philosophy, and aesthetics – in the hope that understanding more about the role of salience in these different areas will facilitate an understanding of what salience is. 

Publications include:


Forthcoming: 'Obsessive Thought and Salience', Salience: A Philosophical Inquiry, Sophie Archer ed., Routledge.

2017: 'Why 'believes' is not a vague predicate', Philosophical Studies. [Click here to read an open access version of this article.]

2015: 'Defending Exclusivity', Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Early View.

2013: 'Nondoxasticism about Self-Deception', dialectica, 67 (3), pp. 265-282.

Edited Volumes

Forthcoming: Salience: A Philosophical Inquiry, Routledge.


Forthcoming: Review of The Wrong of Injustice: Dehumanization and its Role in Feminist Philosophy, by Mari Mikkola, The Philosophical Quarterly.

2013: Review of The Self and Self-Knowledge, edited by Annalisa Coliva, European Journal of Philosophy, 21: S2, pp. e1-e22.

In Progress

'Truth and Agency'

‘Nothing Aims at Truth’

‘Delusion and Belief’

‘Epistemic Akrasia’

'What is Salience?'

Belief (book manuscript)


Yoga, music, art, cooking and eating Thai food, travelling