Dr Xavier Bach

Xavier Bach
Lecturer in French Linguistics


MA Toulouse, MSt DPhil Oxon

Academic Background

Dr Bach studied French and Medieval History in Toulouse, before working as a teacher for a few years. He returned to studies at Oxford for a Masters, and continued to a DPhil on the diachronic typology of inflectional classes. He has held research and teaching positions in various Oxford colleges.

Undergraduate Teaching

French Linguistics and History of French, as well as a selection of language classes in French. In Linguistics, I teach papers in Phonetics and Phonology, as well as Morphology.

Research Interests

French Linguistics and the morphosyntax of the languages of France (particularly Occitan)
Morphological typology
Romance Linguistics
Austronesian languages of Indonesia and Papua


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X. Bach & P.-J. Bernard. 2019. Une double comptabilité latin-occitan à Montpellier au XVe siècle : approche archivistique et sociolinguistique. Comptabilités 12. On-line: http://journals.openedition.org/comptabilites/3672
X. Bach. 2018. Tracing the origins of verlan in an early nineteenth century text? Journal of French Language Studies 28(1), 67-84. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1017/S0959269517000060