Mr Zack Grant

Lecturer in Politics


BA Politics (Durham); MSc Politics Research (Oxford); DPhil Politics (Oxford)

Undergraduate Teaching

Introduction to the Practice of Politics; Political Sociology; Comparative Government; Comparative Political Economy

Research Interests

I study the determination of political preferences in advanced democracies, and the impacts of those preferences on partisanship and voting behaviour. I have researched the causes of support for antisystem, populist, and Green parties, and I am currently investigating what motivates support (or lack thereof) for environmental legislation and climate change alleviation. My research is generally quantitative.


Grant, Zack P. 2020. ‘Crisis and Convergence: How the Combination of a Weak Economy and Mainstream Party Ideological De-Polarisation Fuels Anti-System Support’. Forthcoming at Comparative Political Studies.

Grant, Zack P. and James Tilley. 2019. ‘Fertile Soil: Explaining Variation in the Success of Green Parties’. West European Politics 42 (3): 495-516. DOI:


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