The Harriet Wyatt Frontal


Harriet Wyatt (1832-1906) was the wife of the Vicar of Hawley, near Camberley. She combined the work of a Vicar’s wife, with the upbringing of seven children, she also painted, composed organ music, was a self taught sculptress and an embroiderer.

During her lifetime she worked five altar frontals with the limited help of her three daughters. The first frontal for her parish church as rotted away.  The other four are

  1. 1880-1887. For Winchester Cathedral, where her sons were at school.
  2.  1887-1893 For Chichester Cathedral where her husband was ordained.
  3. 1893-1897. For Christ Church Cathedral where her sons studied at college.
  4. 1897-1905. For Westminster Abbey. 

Suellen Pedley,  Embroiderers