COVID 19 - Health and Safety

Our priority remains protecting the safety of our visitors and everyone at Christ Church. The following measures have been put in place to keep us all safe:

Customer limit

To ensure proper social distancing can be maintained, we are limiting the number of people entering the building.

Hand Sanitizer

Please use the hand sanitizer provided when entering and exiting the building.

Keep Your Distance

Stay a minimum of 2m away from other customers and staff at all times. There are markers on the floor to help you.

One Way System

Follow floor markings and signs, and guidance provided by staff.

Card or Contactless

Please pay with card or contactless at the till. Scan and bag your own items.

PPE & Facemasks

All customers and staff must be wearing facemasks or face covering inside the Visitor Centre.

Enhanced Cleaning

We have introduced an enhanced cleaning and sanitization routine.

Minimise Handling

Only handle items you intend to purchase, and please supervise children at all times.

Staff Are Here To Help

Please ask a member of the team if you require assistance.