Financial Support

Our principles

Christ Church selects students based on academic merit alone.

No UK or EU student with the ability and potential to study at Oxford should be deterred from making an application to study at Christ Church because of financial concerns.

Funding your studies

You may be eligible for the University’s generous financial support, to which Christ Church contributes. Or you may be able to benefit from Christ Church’s own Maintenance Support Subsidies or even one of the Christ Church Prize Scholarships, provided thanks to the generosity of old members. Detailed information about these forms of support, as well as about fees, loans and cost of living is available on our Funding Your Studies page.


Christ Church students live in college accommodation throughout their studies in Oxford, which means that they pay for term-time accommodation and are never obliged to sign 12-month rental contracts at private sector market rates. If you do need to stay in Oxford out of term time, for example in order to use the library while preparing for exams, you can apply for up to 28 days’ vacation residence grant per year to help cover the cost of accommodation.

Rent and meal costs are heavily subsidised by the college, making it one of the most affordable colleges to live in, and depending on your household income you may be eligible for a Maintenance Subsidy.

Students who find that they are in financial difficulties can apply for grants from the University Hardship Fund or Christ Church’s Financial Assistance Fund. Alternatively, Christ Church also has a student support fund from which loans can be made to assist those who are struggling financially while on course.

College Prizes, Grants and Summer Bursaries

Scholarships (£300 per year) and Exhibitions (£200 per year) are awarded on academic merit, and there are many other prizes for specific areas of achievement.

Book grants of £240 are available to all our undergraduates.

You can apply for a Travel Grant to assist with travel for academic or educational purposes.

You can also apply for a Language Study Grant of up to £250 to cover the full costs of a foreign-language course at the University’s Language Centre.

You may also be eligible to apply for a Summer Bursary of up to £2,000 to help you meet living costs while undertaking a summer internship, laboratory placement or academic course. The aim of these bursaries is to help students make the transition from undergraduate study to graduate-level jobs, and they are primarily intended for students with a household income of below £43,000 per year.