Christ Church Crest


10th November (Requiem) - The Sub-Dean83.95 KB
24th November (Matins) - Canon Tilby228.15 KB
24th November (Eucharist) - Canon Foot83.29 KB
8th December (Matins) - The Dean100.24 KB
22nd December (Matins) - Canon Foot85.98 KB
29th December (Matins) - The Dean73.8 KB
12th January (Matins) - Canon Foot82.93 KB
12th January (Eucharist) - The Archdeacon of Oxford94.53 KB
26th January (Matins) - The Dean97.91 KB
2nd February (Matins) - The Archdeacon of Oxford57.33 KB
2nd February (Eucharist) - Canon Foot82.53 KB
9th February (Eucharist) - The Archdeacon of Oxford65.05 KB
23rd March (Eucharist) - The Sub-Dean55.8 KB
30th March (Eucharist) - The Dean72.53 KB
6th April (Matins) - Canon Biggar130.97 KB
13th April (Matins) - Canon Tilby323.44 KB
20th April (Eucharist) - The Dean75.15 KB
27th April (Eucharist) - The College Chaplain59.04 KB
4th May (Matins) - The Archdeacon120.33 KB
4th May (Eucharist) - The Sub-Dean61.4 KB
11th May (Matins) - The Dean75.91 KB
11th May (Eucharist) - Canon Biggar94.92 KB
25th May (Matins) - Revd Dr Ben King 243.91 KB
8th June (Matins - University Sermon) - Revd Dr Cally Hamond509.14 KB
15th June (Matins) - The Archdeacon of Oxford112.64 KB
15th June (Eucharist) - Canon Ward320.68 KB
22nd June (Matins) - The Sub-Dean64.2 KB
22nd June (Eucharist) - The Precentor166.67 KB
29th June (Eucharist) - Revd Dr Amanda Bloor391.16 KB
6th July (Matins) - The Dean75.32 KB
6th July (Eucharist) - The Dean76.29 KB
13th July (Matins) - Canon Tilby321.62 KB
20th July (Matins) - The Sub-Dean 63.29 KB
20th July (Eucharist) - Canon Foot83.09 KB
27th July (Matins) - Canon Biggar168.83 KB
27th July (Eucharist) - The Archdeacon of Oxford66.63 KB
3rd August (Matins) - Canon Foot297.54 KB
10th August (Matins) - Canon Biggar135.12 KB
10th August (Eucharist) - The Very Rev'd Robert Grimley112.7 KB
17th August (Matins) - Canon Foot86.24 KB
17th August (Eucharist) - Canon Tilby195.27 KB
31st August (Matins) - The Sub-Dean60.1 KB
31st August (Eucharist) - Canon Biggar94.23 KB
7th September (Matins) - The Archdeacon of Oxford110.81 KB
7th September (Eucharist) - The College Chaplain65.02 KB
14th September (Matins) - The Sub-Dean65.73 KB
14th September (Eucharist) - The Precentor173.74 KB
21st September (Eucharist) - The Sub-Dean64.12 KB
28th September (Matins) - Canon Biggar87.32 KB
28th September (Eucharist) - Canon Tilby228.01 KB
4th October (Evensong & Dean's Installation) - The Dean434.68 KB
5th October (Matins) - The Dean284.11 KB
5th October (Eucharist) - The Dean278.27 KB
12th October (Eucharist) - The College Chaplain75.47 KB
12th October (Matins) - Canon Tilby225.64 KB
19th October (Eucharist) - The Archdeacon of Oxford70.04 KB
26th October (Matins) - The Precentor170.42 KB

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