Christ Church Crest


7th September (Matins) - The Archdeacon of Oxford110.81 KB
7th September (Eucharist) - The College Chaplain65.02 KB
14th September (Matins) - The Sub-Dean65.73 KB
14th September (Eucharist) - The Precentor173.74 KB
21st September (Eucharist) - The Sub-Dean64.12 KB
28th September (Matins) - Canon Biggar87.32 KB
28th September (Eucharist) - Canon Tilby228.01 KB
4th October (Evensong & Dean's Installation) - The Dean434.68 KB
5th October (Matins) - The Dean284.11 KB
5th October (Eucharist) - The Dean278.27 KB
12th October (Eucharist) - The College Chaplain75.47 KB
12th October (Matins) - Canon Tilby225.64 KB
19th October (Eucharist) - The Archdeacon of Oxford70.04 KB
26th October (Matins) - The Precentor170.42 KB
26th October (Eucharist) - Canon Biggar125.37 KB
30th October (Eucharist) - Bishop John's farewell66.53 KB
2nd November (Matins) - Canon Tilby222.83 KB
2nd November (College Communion) - Rachel Gledhill 515.69 KB
2nd November (Eucharist) - The Dean359.37 KB
9th November (Matins) - Revd Andrew Studdert-Kennedy361.25 KB
9th November (Eucharist) - Canon Tilby221.37 KB
16th November (Eucharist) - The Sub-Dean57.41 KB
23rd November (Matins) - The Sub-Dean65.54 KB
30th November (Matins University Sermon) - Canon Tilby326.3 KB
30th November (Eucharist) - The Sub-Dean58.61 KB
7th December (Eucharist) - The Dean362.47 KB
14th December (Matins) - Canon Biggar91.03 KB
14th December (Eucharist) - The Archdeacon of Oxford56.91 KB
21st December (Matins) - The Dean279.62 KB
25th December (Matins) - The Dean357.67 KB
25th December (Eucharist) - The Dean436.59 KB
28th December (Eucharist - Holy Innocents) - The College Chaplain53.38 KB
4th January (Matins) - Canon Biggar86.08 KB
4th January (Eucharist) - The Dean437.83 KB
11th January (Matins) - The Very Revd Robert Jeffrey188.41 KB
11th January (Eucharist) - The Archdeacon of Oxford70.63 KB
18th January (Matins) - The Dean357.22 KB
18th January (Eucharist) - Canon Tilby182.36 KB
25th January (Eucharist) - The Dean270.09 KB
25th January (Ecumenical Evensong) - The Dean269.02 KB
1st February (Matins) - Canon Biggar89.38 KB
1st February (Eucharist) - The Precentor143.34 KB
8th February (Matins) - The Sub-Dean161.31 KB
8th February (Eucharist) - The College Chaplain70.9 KB
15th February (Matins) - The Archdeacon of Oxford99.44 KB
22nd February (Matins) - Canon Biggar130.2 KB
22nd February (Eucharist) - The Dean514.08 KB
1st March (Matins) - The Dean285.76 KB
1st March (Eucharist) - Canon Ward419.35 KB
8th March (Matins) - The Sub-Dean67.86 KB
8th March (Eucharist) - The Precentor143.06 KB
15th March (Matins) - Canon Biggar134.35 KB
Holy Week Addresses - The Sub-Dean190.8 KB
12th April (Matins) - Canon Foot83.87 KB
19th April (Matins) - The Dean362.36 KB
26th April (Matins) - The Sub-Dean63.64 KB
26th April (Eucharist) - The Dean355.78 KB
3rd May (Eucharist) - The Sub-Dean 64.08 KB
17th May (Matins) - The Archdeacon of Oxford115.05 KB
17th May (Eucharist) - The Precentor104.04 KB
24th May (Eucharist) - Canon Tilby125.75 KB
7th June (Matins) - The Sub-Dean77.09 KB
Bishop Angaelos - Hope in a time of darkness124.57 KB
21st June (Matins) - The Precentor190.11 KB
28th June (Eucharist) - The Archdeacon of Oxford79.72 KB
12th July (Matins) - The Dean of Melbourne 184.85 KB
19th July (Matins) - The Archdeacon of Oxford60.08 KB
19th July (Eucharist) - The Sub-Dean 68.28 KB

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