The Burn Law Library

The Burn Law Library has 3 rooms. The first contains books,  journals, the computer and scanner. The second (which is off the first) has shelves in rolling stacks and contains International Journals, Parliamentary debates (Commons and Lords) and the printer. The third room has law reports.

Access to the Burn Law Library

Access to the library is controlled by your room fob which is issued to the students on their checking in day. Fobs are individually identifiable and must only be used by the individual to whom they are issued and not lent or exchanged.

The library is REFERENCE ONLY with 24/7 access. No books or journals should be removed from the library!

Finding your books

SOLO is the online catalogue for Oxford’s libraries; SOLO can be accessed here or via

To find books located in Christ Church Library on SOLO click on the ‘All libraries/collections’ box next to the search bar and select ‘Christ Church Library’ from the drop down list. Once you’ve found the title you want click ‘Find & Request’ and again select Christ Church Library. You will then find information about the location of the book, its ‘call’ number- the shelfmark for where the book is in the library.

The undergraduate books are all in the first room as you go in and graduate collections are housed on the ground floor of the Library and are arranged by subject using a shelfmark scheme of letter followed by numbers. If you have any problems then the library staff are happy to come over and help you.

Book suggestions

If the library does not have a copy of a book on your reading list, if it is missing or if there are not enough copies of a set text then please suggest it for purchase. You can either fill in a paper suggestions form found in the library or email the title, author, ISBN and your tutor for that course to

When it arrives we will bring it over and send you an email to let you know.

Library computers, scanning and printing

There is a computer available for students to use in each of the undergraduate and graduate rooms, and wi-fi is available throughout the library. 

A wireless multifunctional printer is available in the Burn law library which can be printed to from the library PC's or your own devices (phone, laptops). To print visit the link and login via your Single Sign On. Upload the documents you want to print then at the printer select 'Papercut' and tap your Bodleian library card on the sensor. Your documents will then appear and can be printed. You can print in mono, colour, single and double sided on A3 and A4 paper. 

A self-service overhead scanner can be found in the east side of the Student Library which will scan to create a .pdf, .tiff, .jepg, etc. onto a memory pen for free (memory pens are available to borrow from the library for this purpose).

Leaving your belongings in the library

If you would like to leave your books/notes for a short while on a desk then please make sure that they are in a small, neat pile and place a ‘Please leave’ slip on top of your items with your name and the date.

Library rules

  • Please don’t bring food into the library. Water is allowed in a sport bottle and the library can provide you with a free Christ Church bottle. Please ask a member of staff in the main library for this.
  • Mobile phones should be on silent, and phone calls taken outside the library.
  • Smoking is not permitted in or around the library.
  • Please do not let students who are reading other subjects use the Burn Law Library.