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Volume 8, 2011-2012

Volume 8, 2011-2012

Trinity 2011

Trinity 2011

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Hilary 2011












The spacious College Library is an important resource centre, primarily intended to provide undergraduate readers with the books they need for their studies. There is also a separate Law Library with a valuable and increasing collection of legal works. Christ Church Library contains what is probably the largest and richest collection of early printed books and manuscripts in Oxford after the Bodleian Library. Its holdings are of international importance and are particularly rich in music, theology, classics, travel books, numismatics, early science, medicine and Hebrew studies.

New Exhibition in the Upper Library - Other Worlds and Imaginary Beings: From Medieval Illumination to 19th-Century Drawings

A new exhibition curated by Hector McDonnell and Cristina Neagu will open on 27 January 2014 in  the Upper  Library at Christ Church.  Among the exhibits on display will be manuscripts, early printed books and sketches by Lewis Carroll, as well as a selection of drawings by Vice-Admiral Lord Mark Kerr (1778-1840) on  loan  from  the  private  collection  of Hector  McDonnell. The exhibition will be opened by Professor Martin Kemp and Marina Warner.

Workshops on Early Printing and Casting Type

As the Michaelmas 2013 exibition on the story of the book during the 15th century featured a fully functional 'one-pull press', Christ Church Upper Library has also offered a series of workshops on the history of early printing. Next workshops are planned for:

Monday, 10 February 2014 at 3.30 pm 5.30 pm.


Christ Church Library Newsletter - New Issue

a publication documenting and interpreting aspects of the collection
ISSN 1756-6797 (Print), ISSN 1756-6800 (Online).

Contents this issue:
♦ Walter Porter and the 'Duplicity of Duplicates'
♦ Cataloguing Music at the Bodleian - Past, Present and Future
♦ On Plans for Cataloguing the Oxford Music School Collection
♦ Creating Online Access to Manuscript Pages
♦ Fell's Friends and the Sheldonian Press
♦ Binding Stories and HYP Pamphlets
♦ Surface Cleaning and Conservation
♦ Monk Students and Their Books - Worcester Cathedral and Oxford in the Middle Ages
♦ Recovering the Past - Gaudy Speech by the Librarian on 23rd June 1971
♦ Lost Libraries - The Story of an Arabic Manuscript
♦ On Stories, Projects for the Future and the Arabian Nights Exhibition in Paris
♦ Nicolas Cantilupe, Thomas Hearne and  the Forthcoming Catalogue of Medieval Manuscripts
♦ Encounters of the Third Kind - Engraved Gems and the Classical Tradition

Among the contributors: John Milsom, Martin Holmes, Jonathan Wainwright, Julia Craig McFeely, John Wing, Dave Stumpp, David Morison, Tamsin Rowe, Alina Nachescu, Anne Joyard, Elodie Bouffard,  David Rundle and Cristina Neagu.

The Viscount Portal Papers

Letters and memoranda exchanged during the war, both between Viscount Portal, Churchill and the principal RAF commanders. This collection presents those wartime papers which Portal had collated and subsequently bequeathed to his former college in Oxford. Detailed lists of contents are available online.


Please note that visiting readers will not necessarily be able to access the library's wifi network. Readers from other academic institutions should be able to use Eduroam (please ensure that this is set up before you leave your home institution). Anyone else who knows he/she will require internet access should inform us of this in advance of a visit.

Oxford University Library Assistant

Getting to grips with Oxford Libraries will save you time! Download the  “Library Assistant for Oxford Freshers” app

         It will help you to:
         Find the libraries that are most appropriate for your course
         Locate items on your reading lists
         Find out about Library wifi, passwords, photocopying and printing.


You will also be invited to attend a College Library induction and The Bodleian  runs undergraduate inductions for the subject specialist libraries.





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