Current and Forthcoming Exhibitions

Drawing in Rome

16 September – 22 December 2017

Giovanni Baglione drawing

Rome attracted artists for centuries. From the late 1400s, European artists drew inspiration from the grand sculptures and architecture of antiquity. Many young artists travelled to Rome to study and sketch the city's classical ruins. Another lure was the financial and political power of the Pope and his cardinals and the artistic opportunities this offered. Artists like Raphael and Michelangelo had created masterpieces in the city, adding to Rome’s reputation. The Catholic Church’s astute understanding of the power of the image was the driving force behind Rome’s rise as an artistic centre, culminating in the sensuousness of the Roman Baroque.  This exhibition illustrates, with over thirty drawings, the different artistic forces and personalities which were part of this highly creative and at times volatile arena.













Art and the Reformation

20 October – 22 December 2017

Dürer drawing




















Nick Schlee - Drawing to Painting

20 January – 9 April 2018




Thinking on Paper

24 January – 30 April 2018