Current and Forthcoming Exhibitions

Forgotten Faces: Portraits from our Storeroom

16 November 2016 - 15 May 2017

It is a myth that museum storerooms are full with treasures, but they often contain many portraits of the unknown, unloved and less fashionable. This display shed some light on these forgotten faces.
















Fabulous Beasts and Beautiful Creatures (drawn by Old Masters)

18 February – 29 May 2017

Imitation of a Da Vinci drawingThe charm of animals predates the cat video and they have been subject of many old master drawings. From observation, artists rendered lions, horses, dogs and many more and created imaginary beasts from descriptions. Over thirty drawings with a variety of approaches will be on show, culminating in an in-focus display of our two drawings by the pioneering British animal artist Francis Barlow (c. 1624-1704).















Scraps of Laughter

31 May – 11 September 2017  (Note New Dates)

Former gallery guide Mrs ShowwellAmong the visual material in Christ Church are a number of caricatures and satires, not enough to show the full development of the genre, but interesting ‘scraps’ which give a glimpse into the beginning of caricature and satire in Italy and how it was taken up and thrived in Britain.





















Ten Characters from Ovid’s Metamorphosis

3 June – 17 September 2017


Drawing in Rome

16 September – 22 December 2017

Giovanni Baglione drawing


















Art and the Reformation

11 October – 22 December 2017

Dürer drawing