Cathedral Photography Policy

Christ Church Cathedral is a place of worship and pilgrimage, and a house of prayer. We recognise those who visit do so for many different reasons and may wish to take photos to remind them of their visit.

February 2024

This document will be reviewed, revised (as required) and approved as part of the Cathedral’s annual review process
VersionDateReviewed byApproved byDate of next review
V 1Feb 2022SRHChapterFeb 2023
V 2Feb 2023MD, SAWChapterFeb 2024
V 3Feb 2024MD, SAWChapterMay 2024

Durham Cathedral’s Safeguarding Team are thanked for their assistance with this document.

Photography at Christ Church Cathedral

Christ Church Cathedral is a place of worship and pilgrimage, and a house of prayer. We recognise those who visit do so for many different reasons and may wish to take photos to remind them of their visit.

The Dean and Chapter of Christ Church has adopted the following policy on photography in the Cathedral and the Cloister precincts:

  1. Visitors are encouraged to take respectful non-flash photos for personal use inside Christ Church Cathedral but are not permitted to take photos during services and events.
  2. Photos can be taken inside the Cathedral, in and around the Cloisters and the Cathedral Garden when open.

If you see someone acting unusually or taking photographs/recordings that they should not be doing, inform someone immediately. Safeguarding adults and children is a priority.

1. Key photography guidelines

It is important that everyone follows some key rules when taking photographs or recording video.

  1. Photos for personal use taken on ordinary handheld cameras and/or mobile phones are encouraged.
  2. Don’t use flash when taking photos, as it can be disruptive to other visitors.
  3. Please respect the privacy of other visitors, especially during quiet periods of prayer, reflection or worship.
  4. No photos of children are permitted unless they are part of your party, for safeguarding reasons.
  5. No photos of school groups are allowed unless taken by the school themselves.
  6. Visitors are not permitted to climb any areas of the cathedral in pursuit of a better vantage point.
  7. In special cases, visitors with disabilities that make it hard to hold a camera may use tripods or monopods inside the cathedral. If possible, please contact the Volunteer & Visitor Coordinator ahead of your visit at  

2. As a working church, we must limit photos in some cases

Given that the cathedral is above all else a place of daily worship, please do not take offence if you are asked to refrain from taking photos at any time.

  1. Taking photos and making recordings is strictly prohibited during services.
  2. No photos or recordings of the Cathedral Choir or Frideswide Voices can be taken at any time, including during choral rehearsals.
  3. Photos are not permitted in any closed-off areas (these areas will be marked clearly with signage).
  4. Taking photos or making recordings are strictly prohibited during events (ticketed or otherwise) unless express permission has been granted. For more information, please contact

3. Commercial photography, filming and media requests

Christ Church Cathedral and Christ Church are popular locations for commercial photography and filming.

  1. Commercial photography in Christ Church Cathedral (both inside and outside buildings) must be agreed by prior arrangement, and fees may apply. Please contact for more information.
  2. Anyone wishing to take photos or film for media and PR purposes should contact for further details
  3. Drone filming is not permitted inside the Cathedral or in the Christ Church grounds, including the Meadow and gardens, unless by prior arrangement. Fees apply. Please contact 

The Dean and Chapter reserves the right to deny or withdraw photography permissions at any time.

Christ Church Cathedral’s Chapter Safeguarding Officer is Canon Sally Welch and its Safeguarding Lead, Matthew Dickins. If you have a safeguarding concern, contact the Police on 999 if there is a risk of immediate harm, otherwise please email