There's a tremendous vibrancy of life and activity at Christ Church. Our college stands out for the beauty of its buildings and its welcoming atmosphere, as well as the distinguished research and teaching that goes on within its walls. 

There are lots of factors to consider when choosing between the over 30 undergraduate colleges in the University of Oxford. Read on to find out why Christ Church might be the college for you, and what it's really like to be an undergrad here. 

Welcome to Christ Church

Living in Christ Church

Living in college

Christ Church is a stunning place to live and study in. Throughout your studies you can live in college accommodation, either in the centre of Oxford or in annexes not far from the centre. Built over five centuries and widely modernised, you'll have a comfortable room to call home. 

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Food in college

Food, friendship and flexibility

You'll quickly get used to the bustle of a new place by sitting down with others, chatting and eating together. We subsidise meals to make this accessible to everyone in college. 

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Courses, tutorials and facilities

A variety of subjects

We cover most courses offered at the University of Oxford and our tutorial-based teaching means you'll be exposed to exciting research and excellent teaching. What's more, our first-class facilities, including our enchanting library, make studying in college a joy. 

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Courses at Christ Church
Social and extracurricular

Societies, sport, music and more

There's more to life at Oxford than your studies – much more. Christ Church offers a wide array of clubs, societies and activities that will be sure to satisfy your interests, while giving you a chance to relax and form new friendships. 

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Rowing at Christ Church
Welfare at Christ Church
Welfare support

Wellbeing at Christ Church

Coming to university is a big step in your life. You might be away from home for the first time and there may be times you feel a bit overwhelmed. That's normal and we have plenty of resources to help you get the advice and support you need. 

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Fees and financial support

Money matters

At Christ Church we're determined to make sure that no student with the potential to study at Oxford is put off applying to Christ Church due to financial concerns. Students at Christ Church have access to a generous amount of financial support to make sure that they can make the most of their time at university. 

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Fees and financial support

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The best way to find out whether Christ Church suits you is to visit the college and meet our undergraduates on Open Days, school visits and access events

You can also ask our students and staff about student life and applying to Oxford on our Chat to our students page.

You can also learn more about what our undergrads think of life at Christ Church from our student-written alternative prospectus