Law students and staff at Christ Church have access to the Burn Law Library, accessible directly from Tom Quad. 

Access to the Burn Library is restricted to law students and staff at Christ Church, and is controlled by individually issued fobs. These may only be used by the individual to whom they have been issued and must never be lent or exchanged. Those with a fob can access the library at any time on any day. 

Using the Burn Law Library

Most of the books in the Burn Law Library are reference only and cannot be borrowed. High-demand textbooks can be borrowed if the Library has multiple copies of the item. No issues of journals should be removed from the Burn Law Library. Anyone found to breach these rules will be contacted, and further disciplinary action may result as a consequence.

For more details on how to borrow, return, and find items, please see the 'Using the Library' page.

  • Burn Law Library rules

    • The Library is for use by current members of Christ Church reading Law only. You must not let anyone accompany or follow you into the Library. Students are not permitted to bring anyone into the Library at any time – anyone found doing this will be contacted and further disciplinary action might result as a consequence.
    • Books cannot be borrowed on behalf of non-members of College and other students should not use your Bodleian card or account to borrow books. The account holder will be held responsible for all books and fines on their account. 
    • If you wish to show the Burn Law Library to friends or family, please ask permission from the librarians before you bring guests inside to avoid disturbing other students.
    • Talking about law is permitted in the middle room, but please show respect for your peers by keeping other noise to a minimum. Phones should be on silent and phone calls taken outside the Library building.
    • Borrowable books must not be removed from the Library without being checked out. If the alarm sounds, go back and try the self-issue machine again.
    • Journals are not borrowable, however graduates and tutors can temporarily check-out up to five journals through the self-issue machine to read in the Paine graduate room. 
    • Students are responsible for loans on their accounts.  Charges are incurred for overdue, lost or damaged items. A fine of 25p per overdue book accumulates daily. More than 10 overdue books or £50.00 in fines will automatically block your Christ Church Library account, which will prevent you from borrowing or renewing books. Please speak to a member of staff if this happens.
    • Desks must be kept clear when not in use. You may not reserve a desk or leave personal belongings unattended. They will be removed by the Library team to allow for cleaning. 
    • No food and drink in the Library, except for bottled water. No hot drinks are permitted in the Law Library.
    • Smoking or vaping is not permitted in or around the Library, nor in any other part of the college.
  • Printing and scanning

    A wireless multifunctional printer is available in the stacks room of Law Library. Print jobs can be sent from Library PCs or from your own devices. To print visit the link The credentials you need to use to sign in are not your SSO, but instead the username (e.g. chri1234) and your Christ Church computer password. If you have not set this up, or need to reset the password then you can do so at the following link

    Upload the documents you want to print then at the printer select 'Papercut' and tap your Bodleian library card on the sensor. Your documents will then appear and can be printed. You can print in mono, colour, single and double sided on A3 and A4 paper.

  • Lockers

    Lockers are available to current law students and are situated in the Entrance Hall of the Burn Law Library. They can be reserved on a term by term basis. Requests for a locker reservation can be made by emailing, which are then followed up by filling in and returning a locker form (available from the main library desk during staffed hours). You will receive a key for the locker when this form is completed, and will have to provide a £10 deposit. The deposit will be returned when the agreement ends (at the end of term, unless renewed). If the key is lost, or some damage is done to the locker, then the deposit will not be returned. The library claims no responsibility for personal items left in lockers. We strongly recommend you do not leave items of value in your locker. The rules for the lockers are as follows:

    • Strictly one locker per person. 
    • Locker keys must not to be lent to anyone, and must only be used by the person they are signed out to.
    • Lockers must not be used to store or reserve Christ Church library books (either from the Law Library, or the main Library).
    • Food, drinks, and materials that could damage other readers’ property must not be stored in the lockers.
    • Items left in the locker will be removed the day after your agreed period ends. If not collected within an agreed timeframe, they will be disposed of.
    • Library staff retain the right to access lockers as and when deemed necessary (e.g. to remove any books being kept in there). Periodic inspections may take place to ensure these rules are being followed.