Christ Church offers most courses available at the University of Oxford and our tutorial-based teaching means that our students are exposed to exciting research and excellent teaching. What's more, our first-class facilities, including our enchanting library, make studying in college a joy. 

Choosing a course

Each prospective student needs to make the important decision of which degree course they wish to study for the next three or four years. By choosing a course that best suits their strengths, interests and learning style, students can ensure their university experience is successful and fulfilling. 

A wide range of courses is available at Oxford, the vast majority of which are offered at Christ Church. All our courses are theoretical and challenging, initially providing a broad foundation in the subject area before allowing scope for specialization in the later years of study. The course content and structure do not vary from college to college, nor do the exams. 

Explore the course pages below to find out more about the courses we offer at Christ Church. 

Tutorials at Christ Church


Tutorials are an unfamiliar concept for most people starting a degree at Oxford. This form of personalised learning is one of the unique aspects of doing a degree here.

What is a tutorial?

A tutorial is an hourly weekly meeting with a tutor and usually one or two other students. At the meeting, you'll discuss ideas, concepts and debates relating to the reading you were set for the week. You'll be asked to prepare a piece of independent written work ahead of the tutorial.

What is a tutor and what are their responsibilities?

For every course offered by Christ Church, there's an academic who has expertise in your area of study and is producing cutting-edge research in their field. These researchers, who range from Junior Research Fellows to Professors, will be your tutors. 

The tutor will lead the conversations, set the reading list and assign written work, as well as give feedback on your work and track your academic progress. To find out who is the tutor for your subject at Christ Church, as well as their specialisation, check the course page by following the relevant link above. 

What are the benefits of taking part in tutorials?

There are many benefits to the tutorial system! It is a place where you can exchange ideas, get different perspectives, test new arguments and gain valuable constructive criticism to push your thinking further. Sharing your views in this way is academically demanding. However, by expressing your ideas, you will develop an ability to think for yourself and build the confidence to voice your own opinions.

Each week you'll typically have one essay or problem sheet to prepare for your tutorial. By regularly working towards tight deadlines, you'll become adept at finding resources, planning and writing a well-argued essay in a short space of time. The constructive feedback you receive from your tutors will sharpen your ability to write an argumentative essay with precision.

Our academic facilities

Christ Church Library

Our magnificent 18th-century library, one of the largest in Oxford, aims to supply everything undergraduates need for their courses. It's open from 8am to 1am during term time and from 9am to 5pm during vacations. 

There's also a specialised Law library that's open 24/7 via fob access (for Christ Church Law students only). 

For more information on our library facilities, and on the historic collections of the Upper Library, visit the Christ Church Library web pages. 

Christ Church Library
Christ Church Picture Gallery

Christ Church has its own Picture Gallery, with a collection that includes Renaissance and Baroque paintings, and drawings by artists such as Michelangelo and Filippino Lippi; temporary exhibitions are also held there. There is also an Art Room, with art classes for members of college including life-drawing sessions and print-making classes.

Every year Christ Church holds its own Arts Week, bringing together artists and performers from all over college and the wider university. Previous events during arts weeks have involved free classes in the Art Room, special lectures, Cathedral concerts and music recitals in the Picture Gallery.

As well as those facilities that support our students' studies, Christ Church offers superb sport, music and theatre facilities, as well as an array of clubs, societies and activities to cater for every student's passions and interests.