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The course may be tough, but the intellectual stimulus is enormous, and the rewards are great (in recent years typically 80% or more of any given year have finished with First Class Honours). Many of our graduates go on to do research leading to a doctorate, but others find careers in many diverse areas, such as industry, finance, or teaching, where the value of the academic discipline of the course has long been recognised.

Oxford’s Department of Chemistry is one of the largest in the world, and Christ Church itself has a particularly long and distinguished record in science in general, and chemistry in particular. It is a wonderful place to study the subject.

The tutors are brilliant (and friendly), and the undergraduates are friendly (and sometimes brilliant). The college is only a short walk from the department and Christ Church has permanent tutors in all three disciplines of the subject. The present tutors have interests ranging from Nanotechnology, Bio and Chemical Sensors, Diagnostics, Self-Assembly and Interfacial Chemistry, and from Molecular Machines to Tumour Targeting. The Christ Church chemistry community is strong and supportive; the undergraduates, graduates, and tutors are from diverse and international backgrounds and enjoy an intensely stimulating intellectual life and social life.

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