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If you have ever wondered about the causes of people’s thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and behaviour, psychology can help to clarify these issues. For example, developmental psychology addresses questions concerning how children’s psychological capacities develop as they grow; social psychology considers how people are influenced by each other; cognitive psychology investigates how people process and remember information; neuropsychology analyses relations between the operation of the nervous system and human behaviour; and clinical psychology studies mental disorders of various kinds. 

Psychological research can also help to solve real-world practical problems, and has provided answers to such questions as:

  • What work-shifts for air traffic controllers minimise the risk of air accidents?
  • What kinds of people are perceived as most attractive?

The main psychology tutor at Christ Church is a social psychologist interested in emotions and moods. The College also has a junior research fellow investigating the psychology of perception, tutors in related areas of neuroscience and philosophy, and a rich mix of research fellows, graduates and undergraduates working on topics relevant to psychology.

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