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Oxford, with a world class reputation in research, and the largest physics department in the UK, is well placed to promote it. Christ Church, Einstein’s college in the early 1930s, has a strong tradition in physics. The Wetton Chair in Astrophysics is attached to the College, and there is a vigorous research community in addition to the teaching activities. We accept around 6-8 undergraduates each year, many of whom go on to higher degrees.


For the first three years, the Oxford course concentrates on a thorough grounding in the core areas, together with the necessary mathematics. At this point, one can take a B.A. Honours degree, or stay on to take the M. Phys. This involves a further year, during which two options are chosen for advanced study – for example, elementary particle physics, and astrophysics – which approach the frontiers of research, and individual project work is undertaken, frequently in a research group.

To pit one’s wits against Nature is a tough intellectual challenge, but those willing to accept it acquire important skills. They learn to marshal evidence and problem-solve. Physicists have a high level of analytical ability and can apply it to real situations. This expertise opens the door not only to scientific research but to a wide variety of careers.

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