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The Department of Engineering Science at Oxford has an established reputation as one of the top engineering departments in the UK, and provides a challenging and stimulating undergraduate education. The Oxford engineering course does not require immediate specialisation, so you can explore the range of subjects available before deciding where your interests lie. Christ Church is a short walk from the department and admits six engineers each year (about average for an Oxford college).

The engineering course is four years long and leads to the M.Eng. degree, which is accredited by the appropriate engineering institutions. If you are accepted to read engineering, much of your time will be spent in the engineering department attending lectures and taking part in practical and project work. However, Christ Church will also play an important role during your time at Oxford, both academically and socially. The College provides small group tutorials for the first two and a half years of the course, after which all colleges use larger departmentally-organised classes. 

The tutors’ research interests include structural integrity, electrical power, and sustainability.

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