Frank was the son of John F.B. Hartshorne and his wife, Edith A. Davidson who married in Kensington in October 1917.

The Davidson family had long connections with India and John Hartshorne was employed by the Indian Civil Service as had been his father, Bertram Fulke Hartshorne. It is possible that his parents met in India. J.F.B Hartshorne left England for India in November 1917. It is not known when Edith joined him but Frank was born there in 1921.

His parents brought him home in 1922 and all three returned to India leaving Liverpool on 21 November 1922. They returned to England in 1926, arriving at Liverpool on 1 May with an addition, Frederica Florence Hebe Byng aged one and a half.

His father was on the Panel of Additional Lecturers at the School of Oriental & African Studies from 1936 through until 1938. He lectured in Gujarati and his address was Reade House, Farnham Common.

Frank was educated at Summer Fields from 1930. He played for the 1st cricket, football and rugby teams in 1934-5. He won the 3rd King’s Scholarship to Eton. He matriculated in 1940.

He was gazetted as a Cadet to be a 2nd Lieutenant on 12 October 1941 and to the Corps of Royal Engineers on 31 October 1941.

He was attached to the Indian Engineers when he was killed in Burma on 4 March 1943. He was Mentioned in Despatches.

His father was then living at 4 Garford Road, Oxford and wrote to the College on 12 March.

Frank is commemorated on the Rangoon Memorial Face 3 and in the Davidson Family area at St Mary’s Parish Church, Haddington, East Lothian

With thanks to Summer Fields.