Killed in action aged 23
Grave unknown

Kenneth Desmond was the third son of Robert Cunninghame Murray, an architect and surveyor working from 1 Racquet Court, Fleet Street, London.

Among the buildings which he designed was the St Bride Foundation Institute in 1895, now listed.

In 1901, the family were living at Shadow Bush, London Road, Croydon. In 1911 Kenneth was boarding at Westminster School and played in the Westminster XI against Charterhouse, that summer. He came up to Christ Church in 1911.

He joined the 9th East Surrey Regiment in December 1914 with the rank of Second Lieutenant and was killed in the battle of Loos. He is commemorated on the Loos Memorial Panel 65 to 67.

Probate was granted to his father of Lightwood, Kenley, Surrey on 2 April 1917. He left £174-5s-3d.