Killed in action aged 19
Buried in the Railway Dugouts Burial Ground Plot VII. H. 2.

William Robert Granville was born in India. His father Granville Mills, was a Civil Engineer, one of the ten children of the Rev. William Mills of Miserdine, Gloucestershire, and his mother was Cordelia Roberts; they married at All Saints Church, Marylebone on August 31st 1896.

The first Godavari rail bridge was built in 1897 across the mighty River Godavari connecting East Godavari with West Godavari. It was constructed under the supervision of F.T. Granville Walton who had constructed the Dufferin Bridge over the Ganges, and Granville Mills, British engineers. Stretching for three kilometres, constructed with stone masonry and steel girders, this bridge served the trains plying between Chennai and Howrah. With the increased traffic in goods and passengers, a rail-cum-road bridge was built a quarter century ago across the downstream of the river. Since this first rail bridge outlived its purpose by serving for more than 100 years, train services on this bridge were suspended in 1997 with the commissioning of the third Godavari bridge. Today, the first Godavari bridge still stands as a monument of human endeavour and skill.

In 1901, William was with his widowed grandmother in Kings Mead, Chester whilst his parents were staying in a flat at 49, Cambridge Street, Paddington.

William was a Second Lieutenant in the 103rd Battalion Royal Field Artillery and was killed at Zillebeke.

His widowed mother, living at 5 Gliddon Road, Barons Court, was granted Probate on his Estate. He left £140-17s-3d.