Killed in action aged 22
Buried in Richmond City, Virginia, USA

George Wayne was born in Richmond, Virginia, son of George Wayne Anderson Senior, a lawyer who had ambitions to become Mayor of Richmond which were ended when troops under his command killed a protester during a strike in Richmond in 1904. Captain Anderson was encouraged to succeed where his father had failed and coming to Oxford was probably part of this. His mother was Estelle Marguerite Burthe who was descended from the French General Dominique Burthe who had been sent to America by Napoleon in 1803 to negotiate The Louisiana Purchase with Thomas Jefferson.

George was also the nephew of Jefferson Randolph Anderson, attorney, a descendant of Thomas Jefferson, third President of the United States of America and principal author of the Declaration of Independence, and Anne Paige Wilder.

He was a Council on Foreign Relations Rhodes Scholar, Virginia in 1916. He was Captain of the 890th Division 313th Field Artillery. Killed in action at Le Grand Carr Ridge, Argonne.

A memorial stone on his grave in Richmond City, Virginia, USA, carries the inscription
George Wayne Anderson Jr
Birth Jan 20, 1896
Death Nov 1, 1918
Rhodes Scholar Virginia 1916
Capt 313 F.A. 80th Div A.E.F.
Killed in action Le Grande Carre Ferme Meuse District France

With thanks to Michael O'Brien.