Kenneth was the son of Kenneth Grant Mitchell and his wife Lilian Westlake. He was born in India and had an older sister. His father who was knighted in 1941, was Chief Controller of Road Transport and Development to the Government of India.

The family came home on leave on 3 June 1921, leaving for India on 14 October. They all came, again, in May 1925. Each time, they gave their address as 14 Lawn Road, Southampton, possibly the home of the Westlakes.

Kenneth was educated at Shrewsbury and Matriculated in 1938, the year in which his mother died. He was up at Christ Church for only one year.

He was gazetted on 18 June 1940 and joined the 157 Field Regiment, Royal Artillery. He was a Captain when he was captured in North Africa.

He died whilst a prisoner of war and is buried in the Naples War Cemetery
Plot III. R. 13