Born: 1923
Died:  February 15th 1945

Pelham was born in Hampstead early in 1923.

He was educated at Ackworth and Matriculated in 1941. He was up at Christ Church for a year.

In the summer of 1944, he married at Scunthorpe, Annis T Pilkington.

He was a Flight Sergeant Pilot in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, 124 Baroda Squadron when he was killed near North Walsham on 15 February 1945.

He is commemorated on Panel 6 at Manchester Crematorium.

His mother wrote to the college on 30 January 1946.

The 177 casualties of the 1939-1945 War who were cremated in Manchester are commemorated on the memorial screen wall which stands in the 1939-1945 War Graves Plot, in nearby Manchester (Southern) Cemetery.

124 Baroda Squadron
From April to September 1939, 124 Squadron was allocated a squadron code but the squadron was not stood up. The squadron eventually reformed in 1941 as a fighter unit equipped with Spitfires stationed at RAF Castletown to provide air defence for Scapa Flow. It was then moved to RAF Biggin Hill operating several variants of the Spitfire on bomber escort and high altitude reconnaissance duties.