Born:  September 24th 1922
Died:  February 22nd 1944

Anthony Harcourt was the son of Lt.-Col. Edric Sherwood Harcourt, M.C and his wife, Mabel Nancy Stewart Atkinson. He was born in Elham, Kent.

Colonel Harcourt’s medals were sold on eBay in 2008. He had been born in 1885, and commissioned in 1903. He became a Lieutenant Colonel in 1928, and retired in 1932. He was qualified in seven languages. His Military Cross was gazetted on 11/1/1916. He was severely wounded at the battle of Nasiriyah. He lived for many years in Lucknow. After he retired, he taught Urdu and Persian at Oxford University. The family lived at 3 Wellington Place, Oxford. He died in Oxford in 1968.

His translation of the work of the essayist, historian and novelist Abdul Halim Sharar (1860-1926), describing the culture and way of life of the people of Lucknow during the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries was published as “Lucknow: The Last Phase of an Oriental Culture”.

Anthony was educated at Wellington College and Matriculated in 1941. He was up at Christ Church for a year, and was awarded a 3rd in the short course in French and German.

He was a Lieutenant in the Irish Guards when he died of wounds at Anzio.

He is buried in the Anzio War Cemetery Plot I, L, 3.