Killed in action aged 20
Buried at Flatiron Copse Cemetery, Mametz Plot X. C. 7.

Phillips Quincy was born in London, the elder son of James Fullerton Muirhead and Helen M. Quincy.

His father was an author born in Glasgow in 1853, the Editor of Baedeker Guide Books, Leipzig, 1877-1914, and then Muirhead Guide Books, London. His mother was the daughter of Josiah Quincy III and Helen Fanny Huntington, both from prominent American families. They married in Rome in February 1894.

Phillips joined the Royal Field Artillery in October 1914, and was serving as a Lieutenant with "D" Battery. 25th Brigade when he was killed in the Battle of the Somme.

His burial place, Flatiron Copse. was the name given by the army to a small plantation a little to the east of Mametz Wood. The ground was taken by the 3rd and 7th Divisions on 14 July 1916 and an advanced dressing station was established at the copse. The cemetery was begun later that month and it remained in use until April 1917.

Phillips’ brother, Langdon Muirhead, was killed on 29 September 1918.