Christopher Ford was born at Repton to Lionel George Bridges Justice Ford, D.D., and his wife Mary Catherine Talbot, daughter of Edward Stewart Talbot, successively Bishop of Rochester, Southwark and Winchester.

Christopher’s father was Headmaster of Repton and there were already three sons in the family when his mother gave birth to twin sons in 1910. Within weeks, the family moved to Harrow where the Reverend Ford had been appointed Headmaster.

Christopher was educated at West Down, Winchester from 1919, going on to Harrow. He played cricket for Harrow in the 1928 and 1929 seasons. [Several of his forbears and brothers had been excellent cricketers and, like him, were Members of the MCC.]

He Matriculated in 1929 and went into business.

In 1925, his father was appointed Dean of York and remained there until his death on Easter Sunday, 27 March 1932.

He was a Major in the 5th Bn, the Grenadier Guards when he was killed at Aprilia, Italy on 28 January 1944. His mother was living at 24 The Cloisters, Windsor Castle.

He is buried in the Anzio War Cemetery Plot III, D, 1

He is commemorated on the West Down Memorial and the MCC Roll of Honour.

Christopher Gilbert Ford, 1910-1944: A Memoir. 
by Edward Keble Printed for Private Circulation in 1957.
Memoir & letters from the Middle East, KiA Italy 28th Jan. 1944 at Anzio whilst a company commander, 5th Bn. Grenadier Guards.

His brothers were:
Arthur Edward 1905-1993
Neville Montague 1906-2000
Richard Lionel 1908-1924
And his twin, Edward William Spencer 1910-2006 G.C.V.O, K.C.B., K.C.V.O.
Assistant Private Secretary to George VI 1946-52; H.M. The Queen 1952-1966.