Killed in action aged 40
Buried in Martin Calvaire British Cemetery

Frank Harvey was born in St. John’s, Newfoundland to the Hon. Charles Bowring, a merchant, and his wife, Laura nee Warren, and baptised at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, St. John’s on 12 January 1879.

The first Bowring, a watchmaker, had gone to Newfoundland from Exeter, early in the 19th century. The next generation established a steamship company, Bowring Brothers. The brothers realised the potential of connections with Liverpool and Frank’s grandfather moved his family there. Charles returned to Newfoundland to take over that branch of the company. Under his management, the company thrived; he held many prominent positions and was a philanthropist. The company acted as insurance agents and, changed its name to C.T. Bowring & Company Ltd. After Charles‘ death, his widow brought their children to their Liverpool residence in Toxteth Park.

Frank was educated at Shrewsbury where he played cricket for the school. During his time at Christ Church (1901-1905), he played for Oxford University Authentics and turned out, occasionally, for Liverpool and District. By 1911, he was a solicitor, and a member of the Liverpool Stock Exchange, living with his mother and several brothers, in Toxteth.

He commenced service in August 1914 with the King‘s Liverpool Regiment, serving in the ranks before his commission as Temporary Major. He was killed in action at Hendecourt and is buried at St Martin sur Cojeul, Northern France.

The St John’s, Newfoundland newspaper reported:
“The family of Bowring, so long and honourably associated with the commercial life of this country, has been well represented in the fighting line in France, and during October the sad news was received by Mr. Eric Bowring, local manager of Bowring Brothers, that his brother, Mr. Frank H. Bowring, had been killed in action on August 28th. The deceased had been a Major in the second battalion of the King's Liverpool Irish Regiment, was born in Newfoundland in 1878, and was the son of the late Hon. Charles Bowring, and of Mrs. Bowring now residing at Sefton Park, Liverpool. Major Bowring, when the war began, was a member of the Liverpool Stock Exchange. He enlisted as a private in Lord Derby's " Pals Brigade" and served all through the war. Harold, Medical Officer with the 5St British Cavalry Division in France, William, a Lieutenant in the 9th Scottish Rifles, and Cyril, a Captain with the Royal Welsh Fusiliers in Egypt, are brothers of the deceased officer, and all like him were born in Newfoundland. The deceased is a cousin of Sir Edgar Bowring and Mr. Henry Bowring, the latter now in Liverpool, and whose two sons are also on active service.”

His Estate amounted to £13,499 8s 11d. Probate granted to Edward Arthur Woodall, Fruit Broker.