George Edward was the eldest son of Alan Walter Boyd [later Lennox-Boyd by Deed Poll 1925] and his second wife, Florence Annie Begbie. He was born at the family home, Roysdean, 5, Derby Road, Bournemouth.

Known in the family as Geordie, he was educated at Bradfield and joined the Highland Light Infantry. He was a Second Lieutenant in 1928 when he was seceded from the Regiment whilst he was a “student at a university”.

He is listed in the 1929 and 1930 Phone Books as living at 83 High Street, Oxford. He left Christ Church in 1930 without, apparently, taking a degree.

In April 1934, his engagement to the nineteen-year-old daughter of Sir Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the Boy Scouts, was announced, but no marriage took place.

His promotion to Lieutenant was Gazetted on 9 May 1936. He visited the United States in September 1936. At about this time, the Lennox-Boyds moved to Henlow Grange, Bedfordshire. In April 1939, he was in Germany with his brother Donald when the Nazis arrested them. Donald died in custody on 5 April. Geordie was released.

He held the rank of Major when he died on 9 November 1943 in a military hospital in Scotland to which he had been evacuated on falling ill with pneumonia

He is buried in St. Mary’s churchyard, Henlow.

Along with his brothers, he is commemorated by the oak pews in Henlow church which were designed by the architect, Sir Albert Richardson.

With thanks to the Lennox-Boyd family.