Lieutenant Arthur Howard

Royal Fusiliers

Date of birth: 25 May 1885
Date of death: 11 September 1923

Died as a result of severe wounds aged 38
Buried in the churchyard at St Mark’s, Little Common, Sussex

Arthur was born in Tunbridge Wells, the second son of Ebenezer Howard and his wife Mary.

Commeorative windowEbenezer was born in Fore Street, City of London, the son of a shopkeeper. He was sent to schools in Suffolk and Hertfordshire, and subsequently had several clerical posts, including one with Dr Parker of the City Temple. In 1871, at the age of 21, partly influenced by a farming uncle, he emigrated with two friends to America. He went to Nebraska but soon discovered that he did not wish to be a farmer. He moved to Chicago and worked as a reporter for the courts and newspapers.

By 1876 he was back in England, where he found a job with Hansard. Howard began to ponder ways to improve the quality of life. He didn't like the direction the modern city was heading and thought people should live in places that combined the best aspects of both cities and towns. In 1899 he founded the Garden Cities Association, and was later knighted.

Arthur was educated at Highfield and Melvill House, Haileybury, and came up to Christ Church in 1904. 

In 1910, he married Betty Chune Fletcher, the daughter of an eminent physician, Dr George Alfred Chune Fletcher.

Howard was severely wounded in France in 1917, he died of his wounds at St. Wilfred’s Lodge, Bexhill, Sussex six years later.

His Estate amounted to £2051 12s 8d, and probate was granted to his wife, and his brother Geoffrey Howard, Barrister.

Gravestone within the churchyard of St, Mark’s. Little Common, Sussex Commeorative window (left) TO THE GLORY OF GOD IN LOVING MEMORY OF ARTHUR HOWARD WHO DIED OF WOUNDS RECEIVED IN THE GREAT WAR.

Gravestone within the churchyard of St, Mark’s. Little Common, Sussex (right)