Licence, BA, MPhil, PGCE, PhD

Academic background

I hold a Licence in Lettres Modernes (Paris IV Sorbonne), a BA Joint Honours in English and French, an MPhil, and PhD in French Studies (Cambridge).

Undergraduate teaching

I teach Prelims Literature and Translation from French to Honours Students. I also teach special authors (Paper XI).

Research interests

My research interests are in Twentieth and Twenty-first century French and Francophone Literature. I have long standing interest in colonial-postcolonial writing, women's writing, and currently am working on a project on refugee children's memoirs and other testimonial practices.

Featured publications


(2024) Refugee Afterlives: Home, Hauntings, and Hunger (Liverpool University Press)

(2021) Migrant Masculinities in Women’s Writing: (In)Hospitality, Community and Vulnerability (Palgrave Macmillan, Cham)

(2015) Locating Hybridity: Creole, Identities and Body Politics. (Peter Lang, Bern)

Edited Volume

(2022) (co-edited with Alice Roullière) Catching Up with Time: Belatedness and Anachronies in Francophone Literature and Culture (Peter Lang, Oxford)

Published peer reviewed articles and book chapters

(2024) “Against the Flow”: Exile and “Willful Subjects” in Malika Mokeddem’s Mes Hommes and Kim Thúy’s Vi, Contemporary Women's Writing, 2024,vpad024, 

(2023) ‘Post-migratory Identities: Changing Masculinities in Kim Thúy’s Vi’ in Touching Beauty: The Poetics of Kim Thúy, Eds Miléna Santoro and Jack Yeagar, Queen-McGill UP.

(2021c) ‘“Chez moi pas chez moi”: Home(lessness) in Kim Thúy’s Narratives’ in Forum for Modern Language Studies (Journal), 1-17,

(2021b) ‘Elsewhere Home: Hospitality, Affect and Language in Chen’s Lettres chinoises and Thúy’s Vi’ in Quebec Studies (Journal), 71, 91-110.

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(2020b) ‘Dire l’indicible: Children, Trauma and Post-war Silences in Kim Thúy’s Ru and Grace Ly’s Jeune fille modèle’ in International Journal of Francophone Studies, 23 (1&2), 99–117.

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