MA (Oxford); MPhil (Oxford); DPhil (Oxford)

Academic background

In addition to undergraduate teaching, I teach and supervise students for the MPhil in International Relations.

Undergraduate teaching

I teach International Relations; International Relations in the era of the Cold War; International Relations in the era of Two World Wars; Special Subject in Politics: International Security and Conflict; Politics in China; and the Practice of Politics (Preliminary Examination).

Research interests

My research interests lie in International Relations and International Security of East Asia; International Relations and Domestic Politics of North Korea and the Korean Peninsula; the UK's relations with East Asia; and US-East Asian relations.

Featured publications

North Korea and the Global Nuclear Order: When Bad Behaviour Pays (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2023).

'The juche H-bomb? North Korea, nuclear weapons and regime-state survival', International Affairs, 96(4), 2020, 1051-1068.