BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics (Oxford, 2009); MSc Econometrics & Mathematical Economics (London School of Economics, 2011); MA Philosophy (King's College London, 2019); DPhil Philosophy (University of Oxford, 2023)

Undergraduate teaching

I teach Introductory Logic, Philosophical Logic, Philosophy of Mathematics, Philosophy of Language and Logic, Knowledge & Reality, Turing on Computability and Intelligence, and Frege’s Foundations of Arithmetic.

Featured publications

'Reply to Sprenger's "A Novel Solution to the Problem of Old Evidence"' (2023), Philosophy of Science.

'Deductivism in the Philosophy of Mathematics' (with Alexander Paseau, 2023) in The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

'Neo-Logicism and Gödelian Incompleteness' (2022), Mind, October. Winning article for the Mind Graduate Essay Prize.